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What is a Dental Crown?

If you have a damaged tooth or teeth, it’s paramount to get them fixed. A dental crown is a cap used by dentists to repair a damaged tooth. It’s made from various materials, including metal and porcelain. If you choose to get a crown, you need to consider your dentist may recommend certain restorative steps to ensure durability and long term success of your crown.

Factors your Dentist Consider when Selecting a Dental Crown

There are factors your dentist considers when choosing a dental crown and generally your trusted dentist will recommend the best option to suit your needs. 

  1. Tooth Location
  2. Appearance
  3. Tooth Color

The expert will check the current color of the teeth hence giving you a crown that matches the rest of your teeth . This will make your teeth appear more natural. 

  1. Remaining Tooth Size

The remaining intact tooth structure to support your crown is crucial for the longevity of your crown.That is why often your dentist may recommend additional gum surgery or gum recontouring  to increase the amount of tooth structure for the purpose of more retentive crown,

Types of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are made from various materials. Here are different types to choose from: 

  1. Porcelain Crowns

Also known as ceramic crowns, porcelain crowns are the most preferred by people who need dental crowns. These crowns are made of porcelain material and offer a more natural look compared to others. 


  • The closest resemblance to natural teeth color. 
  • Can be shaped to match the shape and size of the damaged tooth
  • With the natural resemblance, they’re best for front teeth repair.


  • Unlike other crowns like metallic ones, porcelain isn’t resilient
  • They’re not suitable for patients suffering from bruxism.
  1. Gold Crowns

You might have come across a person with a gold tooth before. What they have is a gold crown . Many people prefer gold crowns for molar repair. 


  • In terms of strength, they’re the best of all crowns
  • Gold crowns are highly durable
  • They cover your tooth margins well
  • Metal crowns don’t wear out easily
  • Suitable for molar repair


  • In terms of appearance, they won’t resemble the natural tooth
  • Not the best for anyone with metal allergies
  1. Porcelain fused with Metal Crowns

Also preferred by patients who require teeth repair, they’re porcelain crowns lined with metal inside. 


  • Gives a more robust fit to the damaged tooth
  • Appear more natural with the porcelain outer cover
  • They last longer


  • Greyline on your gum is possible due to the metal inside
  • High cost

Final Point

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