Jawline exercises

How to have a chiseled jaw.

In a society obsessed with perfect looks, it doesn’t come as a surprise when people come to Royal Dental West Hills to seek consultation for a sharp jawline. Though defining a jawline takes time since the facial fat goes away only with exercise and a healthy lifestyle, however, dermal fillers can give instant results. 

Jawline exercises- although the efficacy of jawline exercises for reducing facial fat specifically, has no science-based backing, there are abundant claims and facial exercise programs that guarantee results if you perform certain facial exercises that involve a particular muscle group of your face. You may try exercises like smiling, chin-lifts, neck curls, making a fish face and vowel sounds, chewing gum, kissing the sky, and such to tone your facial muscles. However, it may cause more harm and injury if done without proper consultation. Contact the best dentist in West Hills to get an expert consultation today at Royal Dental West Hills

Healthy lifestyle– it is a general belief that losing fat from your body will automatically enhance your jawline and its even true to an extent. However, to lose fat from the face will require intensive exercises since face fat is hard to melt. Not only a workout but, dietary changes need to be incorporated to make your weight-loss program work. Excessive intake of salt will only cause water retention in the body giving it a puffy appearance and hence a weak jawline. Excessive sugar will only add to the fat content eventually. Therefore, drink plenty of water and cut out the refined carbohydrates from your diet. You start noticing a sharper jawline sooner than later.

Proper grooming- while it may be convenient to let your beard grow freely for a while, investing a small amount of time to groom your beard will go a long way to maintain a chiseled appearance of your jaw.  For men who already have a strong jawline, shaving daily may seem a task but is worth it. You can shape your beard to suit your face shape and make your jawline appear stronger.

Fake a chiseled jawline with make-up- ladies can easily fake a strong jawline by using make-up such as contouring of face. Contouring can be used to define your jawline as well as enhancing your cheekbones to give an overall sharp appearance of the face.

Collagen boosters- with age, the jawline also becomes weak, partly due to loss of collagen which is a protein responsible for keeping your skin plump and full. So, when collagen is lost, your skin sags and so does your jawline. Therefore, collagen-boosting creams and serums can boost collagen production and not only give you a younger-looking skin but also a strong jawline. 

Dermal fillers- dermal fillers are a great way of contouring jawline without resorting to surgery.

Surgery- surgical procedures such as liposuction will remove the fat deposition on the jawline and therefore make it prominent post-surgery.

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