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Mobile dentistry- dental services at your doorstep

Dental appointments can make people anxious enough to skip the visit to their dentists. This may, however, be detrimental to oral health and therefore compromise it. This is particularly relevant for geriatric patients i.e. the elderly patients who are medically compromised already and therefore at a higher risk for dental issues such as periodontal problems. Royal mobile dentist is the solution for such patients who want professional dental services delivered right to their doorstep. Dr. Roya Shoffet, an expert Concierge Dentist ,is very well known in our communities, along with her experienced and highly efficient dental staff provides you with excellent mobile dental services to all kinds of dental patients.

What is mobile dentistry?

In simple terms, mobile dentistry is when the dentist travels to you to render dental services instead of the other way around. As the name suggests, Dr. Shoffet brings the dental equipment required for a comprehensive oral examination as well as those required for dental treatment to your location . Royal Mobile dentistry headed by Dr. Shoffet and her staff are dedicated to providing the best possible dental treatment with that much-needed reassurance and care.

Who all can benefit from it?

There are multitudinous people who can benefit from this service, some of which are :

– residents of senior communities such as assisted living facilities,retirement homes,skilled nursing and rehab centers,or actually their individual homes who require dental services from the comfort and convenience of their homes

– medically compromised individuals who have diabetes mellitus, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, renal disease, liver disease,respiratory disorders such as asthma,patients with Parkinson’s disease, patients who are bedridden due to ALS ,or any other debilitating disease such as obesity etc..

-often celebrity actresses and actors,or ceo and staff of a large company choose  concierge mobile dentistry as the ideal form of seeking dental treatment for purposes of privacy and efficiency.

– pregnant patients who are bedridden or find it inconvenient to travel

– individuals with mental disorders, for example, old patients with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, etc.

– mentally challenged individuals, for example, those with Autism or Down’s syndrome

-Patients who have psychological disorder,such as anxiety, phobia …

What services do we provide thru Concierge mobile dentistry? 

Our Mobile dental service covers preventive, restorative, cosmetic,rehabilitative aspects of dentistry such as removable dentures,dentures Reline and repair and more…

 Following are some of the dental services that we provide at the bedside:

-comprehensive dental exam,consultation and oral cancer screening

-patient education regarding tooth brushing and flossing teeth

-Digital radiographic procedures and digital photography

– Routine Prophylaxis,(cleaning) or scaling for removal of plaque

– sealants and topical fluoride treatment

-Deep cleaning and gum treatment

-Emergency relief of pain and infection

-minor fillings

-Removable dentures fabrications,full or partials,and many dentures related issues

Fabrication of occlusal guard,(night guard),retainers and bleaching trays…

FYI,for any complicated and advanced treatment requring multidisciplinary treatment such as surgery,sleep dentistry,perio surgery,implants, and complex restorative procedures ,our efficient staff will make all the arrangements for patients to be transferred to our west hills office. Royal Dental Practice is highly commited to provide all of our patients with the highest quality of dentistry and placing emphasis on our patients’ comfort and safety by practicing the best standards of infection control and sterilization.

Please call for any of your dental concerns, we will be delighted to answer any of your questions ,we are only a click away.

  How can you book an appointment?

Booking an appointment with us is as effortless as ever. Just call us on our number and wait for us to show up at your doorstep. As easy as that!