Oral Surgery and Sleep Dentistry

Oral Surgery and Sleep Dentistry

To many of us, the thought of seeing a dentist sends a chill down our spines. It can be a really scary thought that keeps us away. But the fact remains now, and then we need to visit the dentist. There is no need to endure the endless pain of a toothache when we have a solution.

At the Royal Dental Practice, we provide only the best services to all our beloved clients. There is no need to feel afraid of visiting us. All our efforts go to making you as relaxed as can be for your procedure.

In case this doesn’t sound convincing enough, don’t worry. We take into account that most people prefer not to be aware of what is taking place. This is why we provide sleep dentistry.

Dental procedures can be stressful for most, which makes the whole experience not memorable at all. With sleep dentistry, we strive to make you as relaxed as possible while undergoing oral surgery or any complex dental treatment. Our dentist anesthesiologist, can make it all better. 

Despite the name, you won’t be asleep through the procedure. The only exception is when a procedure warrants deep sedation.You will be sedated for some time, and the level depends on the procedure we have to perform. For those who feel tense but only need a checkup or cleaning, mild sedation is the best. For a tougher procedure, moderate sedation works. You might not be able to converse fluently but will remember all that took place.

Lastly, we have deep sedation with the help of our anesthesiologist where you snooze through the procedure and wake up easily once the treatment is done. This is an excellent option for young children or patients with anxiety specially for elderly patients with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.You might not remember the procedure at this level.


Inhaled Medication

This is used for mild sedation when you only need to relax a little for the procedure. We provide a combination of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen that you inhale. The best way is to put a mask over your nose, and you can inhale this combination. Slowly as it takes effect, you start feeling relaxed.

Once you are at a point where the tension has eased, we can then proceed with the task at hand. We control the amount of gas inhaled. The beauty of this type of sedation is it’s quick to recover from, and you don’t need assistance getting home after.


IV Medication

If you prefer an IV fluid to gas, then this is the right one for you.Our anesthesiologist simply provides an IV bag with sedation medicine fed to your vein. It might prick just a little as he places the needle in, but just for a second. After that, you start to relax. The good thing is in case the procedure takes longer; the anesthesiologist can adjust the sedation to go longer until we are done. This way, you won’t tense up when it wears off before we are done.


Oral Medication

When it comes to oral sedation, we first have to determine how long the procedure will take. This way, we can calibrate the correct dosage to take orally. This ranges from mild to moderate sedation where mild requires the least sedation.

Oral sedation comes in the form of pills that need to be taken before the procedure. After taking it, we wait until it takes effect, then we can begin. Oral sedation makes you mildly sedated but still aware of what is taking place.


In case you need oral surgery and or complex dental treatment including multiple extractions, fillings,implants or crown and bridge etc,  in Los Angeles, book an appointment today. With sleep dentistry, we ensure you are relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. We help you select the best type of sedation and administer it professionally. Don’t worry about being uncomfortable or unable to sit still; we have the best solution for you.

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