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Infection Control

In today’s environment of infectious diseases, we pride ourselves in maintain the highest level of care and protection for our dental patients. We want you to know that we share your concern over this matter, and work diligently to prevent the spread of all infectious diseases including AIDS, herpes, hepatitis, tuberculosis and even the common cold.

At ROYAL DENTAL PRACTICE we utilize “standard universal precautions” as one approach to infection control.  Standard precautions integrate and expand the elements of universal precautions into a standard of care designed to protect dental healthcare professionals and patients from pathogens that can be spread by blood or any other body fluid, excretion, or secretion.

We want to inform you of the specific methods used in our office for controlling the spread of these diseases and risk of cross infections from 1)dentist/staff to patient , 2) patient to dentist/staff and, 3) patient to patient. For your peace of mind we would like to express that we take this matter seriously and follow all guidelines as our daily priority.


For each patient we follow these procedures

• Scrub our hands before and after each patient
• Wear disposable gloves, masks, gown, protective eye glasses and face shield
• The housekeeping procedures insure that all areas of the office are clean and sanitary by using various degree of  disinfectants on all equipment, dental chair, cabinet surfaces between every patient
• We sterilize all instruments including all hand pieces in sterilization pouches in the autoclave (heat sterilizers) which is also validated by indicators on every pouch.
• Our sterilizer is weekly monitored for proper functioning of sterilization cycles  thru an independent outside analyst by a sterilizer monitoring service .
• We use disposable products to prevent cross infection and cover each and every item that could be in contact with our patient during treatment with plastic wraps that will be removed between patients.
• In accordance with Cal/OSHA regulations, a written cleaning and decontamination schedule is maintained for specific daily, weekly and monthly procedures
• We dispose bio-medical waste and sharps through an approved bio-hazard disposal company to minimize potential for human contact and adverse impact to the environment.
• We attend infection control update seminars frequently for the Dr. and the staff members


These measures are costly and time consuming but does not vary with the extent of procedures performed during each appointment. You and your family members are valued patients and we pledge to do our best to protect your health.